conspiracy, theory, prophecy fails, Leon Festinger, backfire effect

Conspiracy theories are nothing new.

conspiracy, theory, prophecy fails, Leon Festinger, backfire effect

Even Queen Elizabeth I faced a conspiracy theory: that she was a male. Elizabeth, dubbed "The Virgin Queen," turned down every marriage proposal that came her way. Though there are numerous reasons she may have avoided marriage, her steadfast refusal caused tongues to wag even centuries later. One theory presented was that she was a male the entire time. After visiting the village of Bisley in England, where, according to local legend, Elizabeth I died as a child, Dracula novelist Bram Stoker became a prominent believer in this hypothesis. As we all know, Elizabeth's father, King Henry VIII, enjoyed beheading people—one estimate is that over 70,000 individuals were beheaded during his reign (alth

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