Cowlicks can appear on the brows.


Cowlicks aren't the only thing that can grow on your head; they can also grow on your eyebrows! They typically occur more frequently in people with curly or wavy hair.

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Did you Know? Lebanons have a french connection

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The name Starbucks was inspired by "Moby Dick."


Halibut Is It A Flat Fish?

oldest churches.

Turkey is home to one of Christianity's oldest churches.

Vision Boards

Vision Boards Clarify Your Goals


Chia has a lot of selenium.

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Mosquitoes spend the first ten days of their lives in water

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Budapest has the most thermal water springs of any capital city in the world.

Werther's Originals

Are Werther's Originals made with butterscotch?

Snake Plants

Snake Plants Are Simple To Maintain


The copper content of New York's Statue of Liberty exceeds 80 tonnes.

 Gundam Pilots Child Soldiers

The Gundam Pilots Are Essentially Child Soldiers


Moisturizers can aid in wrinkle reduction.

dust mites

One million to ten million dust mites may reside in your mattress.

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Did you Know? Sun Exposure can minimise acne breakouts.

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For the Oxford English Dictionary, J.R.R. Tolkien researched the word etymologies.

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Not all Hermit Crabs make use of discarded seashells as temporary dwellings.


Chamomile tea can be applied even to your hair.

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Mirror Neurons Aid in Explaining the Spread of Positive Vibrations

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80% of the assistance given to older adults in the United States comes from family members and caregivers.

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"The addition of minerals to glass alters its color."


Spanish conquerors devastated chia crops 500 years ago.

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Did you Know? There are 130 pyramids in Egypt

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The three lies of Harvard

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Did you Know? Beavers have teeth made of metal.