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The visible universe most likely contains more than 170 billion galaxies.

differentiate universe galaxy and the solar system, planet universe galaxy order, universe galaxy so

Different computations provide different values for the number of galaxies in the observable universe — that is, the part of the cosmos visible from Earth with current technology; there may be many more, but they are just too far for our telescopes to detect. Using Hubble Telescope data, researchers determined that the visible universe contains around 170 billion galaxies.

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Does this resemble niacin in any way?


You possess more than you realize!

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Insomnia raises the risk of car accidents.

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During hypnosis, a person remains completely awake.

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The Temple Interiors

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Karma is a you-know-what.


Kerala's only Pine Forest

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After surviving the Reichenbach Falls, Holmes refused to perish beside his creator.


Using add-on extensions Perfect practice makes perfect.

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Jingdezhen is the most well-known city for Chinese porcelain.

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Anxiety Can Be Genetic

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Did you Know? Kite has got its name from the bird


Kolkatas's  Chinatown

san Marino, Saint Marinus, Rimini, Italy

It is a prosperous but not expensive country.

Largest Pyramid

Mexico is home to the World's Largest Pyramid.


Myanmar still uses the imperial system

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Did you Know? Machu Picchu Is Earthquake-Proof

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Tunisia's Sahara Desert

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Iguanas do they sleep?


People are happier when they crochet


The facial pits of rattlesnakes may detect heat.

Fish Pass

Fish Pass Through Niagara Falls