assassins creed, assassins creed facts, facts about assassins, assassins facts, altair facts, ezio f

Did you Know? Assassin’s Creed is more successful than FIFA

assassins creed, assassins creed facts, facts about assassins, assassins facts, altair facts, ezio f

By certain measures, at least. Granted, comparing stealth to a soccer simulator isn't exactly comparing apples to apples, and Ubisoft isn't seeing the incredible income EA earns with Ultimate Team mode each season. Nonetheless, considering that both series are almost yearly, it's an intriguing contrast. Between 2007 and 2015, more than 93 million Assassin's Creed games were sold, but it took EA 16 years to sell 100 million units of FIFA, a milestone it reached in 2010. That makes Assassin's Creed the faster-selling of the two series, but sales of both have been fairly on par in recent years — at least until the tragic failure of Assassin's Creed: Unity.

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