lobster, crabs, clams, mussels

One of lobsters claws may apply up to 100 pounds of pressure per square inch

lobster, crabs, clams, mussels

They may not feel discomfort, but they can cause significant pain. Researchers noticed that after clamping down on a load cell, a pressure-measuring device, the lobster's larger claw, the crusher claw. This claw appears to have molars because it is used to break up anything hard, such as crabs, clams, and mussels. The other, known as the ripper claw or fast claw, tears softer prey such as fish or worms.

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In 2022, Halloween participation will reach pre-pandemic levels.

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Did you Know? Ladakh is land of the fascinating Kung Fu nuns

Walt Disney

Walt Disney didn't start out as a major artist with Mickey Mouse.

Bullet Time The Matrix.

The classic "Bullet Time" effect was designed specifically for The Matrix.

Messi  international title

Messi has yet to win a big international title.

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Bangkok has the longest city name in the World

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The original logo of Starbucks was controversial.

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Is spirituality about connecting with your inner self ?

pancreas, digestion, Glucagon, insulin, exocrine, fat, protein, carbohydrates

It performs endocrine and exocrine functions simultaneously.

adhd, accountant, mental health, disorder, environment, medication, therapy

People With ADHD Don’t Have Trouble Paying Attention

George Cross.

Malta received the George Cross.


Pink flamingos make milk. Okay, sort of.

Almonds, milk, plant milk

Milk can be made from almonds!



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In Old California Is the First Film Shot in Hollywood

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Did you Know? Gayatri Mantra is composed of the initial letter of each of the Ramayana's 1000 verses.

lotion, Moisturizing, vitamin C, collagen,  wrinkles,  skin suppleness

Less lotion is better.

cornea, facts about cornea, cornea facts, human body facts, facts about human body, facts about eyes

The cornea is one of only two parts of the human body without blood vessels

Vision Boards

Vision Boards Help You Improve Your Self-Image

 Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger flag was not used by every pirate ship.


The Chihuahuas is among the earliest recognised breeds.

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Did you Know? DC regrets Crippling Batgirl


Unlike cotton, microfiber does not leave lint or scratches.


A clerical costume is a misdemeanor in one state.

World Cup, football

Most people with titles