cupcakes, cakes, cake facts. cupcake facts, cake fact, bleuberry vake, cheesecake, cake, muffin. muf

Did you Know? Before birthday cake candles, candles on the cakes were saved for the goddesses on moon.

cupcakes, cakes, cake facts. cupcake facts, cake fact, bleuberry vake, cheesecake, cake, muffin. muf

According to legend, the addition of candles to cakes began in Ancient Greece, where cakes were made in the shape of a moon for the Goddess of the Moon, Artemis.The moonlight was reflected in the candles, and the smoke lifted the devotee's prayers to Artemis. It's also said that when we blow out the candles on birthday cakes, the smoke carries our wishes away to be granted. You don't want to be blowing out those birthday candles in Venezuela, where it's customary to try to push the birthday girl/face boy's into the cake after the candles have been extinguished. At the very least, they get to try the cake first!

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