gynecologist, OB-GYN

People Have Interesting Contraception Ideas

gynecologist, OB-GYN

A lack of contraceptive education can have disastrous consequences for patients. People who have contraceptive misunderstandings not only end up with unexpected pregnancies, but they can also make themselves very ill. "When a lady came in with a washcloth stuffed in that region, I was assigned to the women's health area. Stank like hell, and she'd stuck it up there three weeks ago as DIY contraception "one doctor discloses

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Moisturizers can aid in wrinkle reduction.

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Hong Kong is home to 96 billionaires.

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Exposure to the sun:

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Yorkshire's first foreign-born player was Sachin Tendulkar.

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It was the first Asian country to make gay marriage legal in 2019