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Did you Know? Black Bomber is the most offensive DC hero ever!

comics facts, facts about comics, facts about marvel, facts about dc, facts about superheroes, fun f

Consider the following scenario: a racist man is exposed to Agent Orange-style gas while serving in Vietnam. When he is under stress, he transforms into a black superhero dressed as a Harlem Globetrotter, and neither identity remembers the other. After Marvel's success with Black Panther and Luke Cage, DC's first idea was to create something similar. Perhaps it is a relief that DC chose Black Lightning instead.

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almonds, milk, plant milk

Ground almonds are a healthier alternative to breadcrumbs!

birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Heavy Metal's Birthplace

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41% of the British population sleep in the foetal position

indian ocean, indian ocean facts, facts about indian ocean

Did you Know? Indian Ocean has Unique Chemical and Physical Properties


The Euphausiacea order include crustaceans like the krill, which resemble shrimp.

Female spiders

Female spiders have a voracious appetite.

fennel seed

Fennel seeds help to alleviate asthma and other respiratory problems.


Switzerland is aging, with a high life expectancy.

Times Square, New York, New Year

The man who is credited with writing Auld Lang Syne did not complete it.

korean, language, English, hangul, verb, Chinese

In honour of the language, there is a national holiday.

southindia, breakfast, dish, upma, uttapam, idly, dosa

South Indian menus have around 17 breakfast dishes

dr sesus, green eggs, ham,

Did you Know? Dr. Sesus wrote "Green Eggs and Ham" after his editor dared him to write a book using fewer than 50 words.

digboi, oil, assam, saikhowa, sanctuary, golf course, war cemetery, crude oil

Asia’s oldest refinery and the birthplace of crude oil “Digboi”

Coca-Cola, Coca Cola, Coca Cola facts, Coca Cola fact, the great depression

Did you Know? For World War II, Coca-Cola created a special "White Coke."

buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Buddha wasn’t chubby


What Is the Weight of a Fairyfly?

yeti, india, russia, nepal, Professor Valentin Sapunov, Russian State Hydrometeorological University

For yeti researchers, the Cold War increased the stakes.

dust mites

One million to ten million dust mites may reside in your mattress.


Why Do We Use Catnip?

agoraphobia, phobia, social anxiety, anxiety, fear

Do you know about Glossophobia

cataracts, eye, injury, operation

Nine out of ten patients who undergo cataract surgery regain 20/20 vision.

toilet paper

Only 70–75 percent of the world's population uses toilet paper.

weight loss

It may also aid with weight loss indirectly.

minerals, vitamins

Minerals and vitamins

toilet, flushing, alferd hitchcock, bathroom, first movie, featuring, psycho

Psycho Is the First U.S. Film to Feature a Toilet Flushing