nepal,  independence,  South Asia, country, foreign power, democratic republic, Asian

"The Land Continues to Move"

nepal,  independence,  South Asia, country, foreign power, democratic republic, Asian

Nepal is still very much alive and well! In the next ten million years, the Indo-Australian plate beneath Nepal is expected to travel 1,500 kilometers into Asia.

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Lions can get their water from plants.

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Did you Know? A ghost was a boys best friend


Blueberry's cousin is the cranberry.

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Retinoids come from animals. Carotenoids are retinol sources found in plants.

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Our language is constantly changing.


Pune's name derives from "Punya"

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Did you Know How old is the Black Widow??

Female lobsters

Female lobsters are active participants who make the first move.

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The Spaniards tend to speak loudly


Flamingos are toothless.

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Did you Know? Disney Princesses don't make eye contact with each other.

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In the summer, the Eiffel Tower grows six inches taller.

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They sense vibrations to "hear"


Tokyo offers some of the best restaurants in the world.

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M. Night Shyamalan comes from a family of doctors.

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hiding in the fog.


The photophores, which are glandular, light-producing organs, allow krill to glow.

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Did you Know? Every Indian food is made up of six basic tastes.


There's No Remedy for Migraines

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Did you Know? Greece has 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites


The secret to success is rescue inhalers.

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Anaximander Of Miletus (c.610-c.546 BCE)

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It is very healthy to crochet.


Nobody is aware of the eruption's precise date in pompeii