childhood friends, childhood friendship,

Did you Know? There is a reason why childhood friendships end.

childhood friends, childhood friendship,

It may appear that the friends you make in primary school will be your best friends for life, but how many of them do you still see? How many of them had you already shed by the time you got to secondary school? A long-term study conducted by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) recently revealed that dissimilarity frequently breaks up early adolescent friendships. According to FAU professor Brett Laursen, "it causes conflict, interferes with cooperative activities and shared pleasures, and it creates circumstances in which one friend bears more costs, such as the friend who is less aggressive, or receives more benefits, such as the friend who has lower social status than the other." Dissimilarity shatters interperso

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Massive Kidney Grilles of BMW Aren't a New Thing.

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Manhattenhenge is home to a fascinating sunset phenomenon twice a year, on May 28 and July 12.


California is the United States' broccoli capital.


Fairyflies: Do They Make Good Pets?

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Did you Know? Samosa is not an Indian origin.

White willow

White willow is used to make cricket bats.

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Fact! Sleeping in a cool environment might help you lose weight.

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In 2015, more than 5 million people visited the location

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Pompeii and Pink Floyd

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Did you Know? One individual survived both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.


Degeneration of the brain occurs gradually

amaltas, leaves, benefits

How much melanin, or pigment, is present in the eye affects the color of the eye


Many empires ruled over Malta

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A Jolly Roger is the skull and crossbones flag that flies at the top of a pirate ship.

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Bihar was the first state to embrace Hindi.

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Bangkok has the longest city name in the World

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Redheads do not age.


Hindi is widely used in administration, legislative, and lower courts in India.


Switzerland Has Nuclear War Plans

Male spiders

Male spiders enjoy giving gifts.

Wyoming,  William Bradford Ross, Nellie Tayloe Ross,  female governor

Wyoming has the nation's first female governor.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has the highest flow rate in the world.

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The sense of smell of a Bloodhound can be used as a formidable proof in court.