anxiety, anxiety symptoms, anxiety medication, social anxiety, anxiety attack, high functioning anxi

Exercise Can Help Reduce Anxiety

anxiety, anxiety symptoms, anxiety medication, social anxiety, anxiety attack, high functioning anxi

Countless studies show exercise helps decrease symptoms of anxiety. Did you know that a single workout has been proven to be a quick mood booster? And it doesn’t matter if the exercise is intense. It can be a quick walk around the block or a 30-minute run.
Anxiety can also be a good thing. It can keep you safe. Walking to your car alone late at night? Anxiety can help alert you of your surroundings to get you to your car safely. Anxiety can help you perform better. Have a big presentation at work? Anxiety can help ensure you prepare so you perform your best.
Anxiety is also a normal and appropriate response to stressful events. It only becomes a problem when we react to it in a way that is counte

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