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Did you Know? Mario was a villain in Donkey Kong Junior

mario, mario game, mario kart, mario facts, facts about mario game, mario first game, mario game fac

This was the straight arcade sequel to Donkey Kong's original game. Mario, fed up with Donkey Kong's kidnapping, confines him in a cage. He had no idea Donkey Kong Junior would show there to help his father. Players must guide the young ape through numerous stages in order to save Donkey Kong. Are you still not persuaded that Nintendo meant Mario to be a villain in this game? The Japanese video game studio had given him a minor makeover, with a big nose, protruding chin, and curling moustache. He was designed to resemble a spindly silver screen villain who ties women to railroad tracks. In fact, if he wore a purple cap and shirt, he could pass for Waluigi.

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