jupiter, jupiter facts, facts about jupiter, jupiter rings,

Did you Know? There is a thin ring around Jupiter

jupiter, jupiter facts, facts about jupiter, jupiter rings,

A list of Jupiter facts would be incomplete without mentioning the planet's rings. Unlike Saturn's more well-known rings, Jupiter's are faint and composed of dust rather than ice. These rings were too faint for astronomers to notice for centuries. Imagine how surprised everyone was when NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft returned images of Jupiter's rings in 1979. The three-ring system begins 92,000 kilometres above Jupiter's cloud tops and extends more than 225,000 kilometres away from the planet. They range in thickness from 2,000 to 12,500 kilometres.

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Making a vision board might help you become more determined.


Sweden is a global economic powerhouse.

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It's a fallacy that it's simple to obtain enough vitamin D from food alone.

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Interesting fact! Jonathan Hamm Ellie Kemper's Drama Instructor

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Mickey Mouse wasn't created by Walt Disney.

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A candle that began to twirl can be saved.

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Vision Boards

Vision Boards Clarify Your Goals

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Tragic occurrences contribute to the development of conspiracy ideas.


Egypt Is Home To 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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Soap and dynamite have a long history together.

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Nevermind, nirvana, Sam Goody, Tower Records, Badmotorfinger, Soundgarden, Blood Sugar Sex Magik,  R

Nevermind was released alongside several other classic albums on the same day.

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City planning and development.

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Skin cancer is more common among redheads.

candle, candles, romans, wax