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Fun Fact about Oscar Maths

oscars, theartist, bestpicture, 1929, wings, charlesbuddyrogers, richardallen, clarabow, younggaryco

When they roll out the red carpet on Oscar night spare a thought for the organizers. The specially made carpet is a whopping 500 feet long and has to be rolled out at LA's prestigious Kodak Theatre days in advance, hoovered and covered with protective plastic, before being unveiled just hours before the ceremony.

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Happy as a clam is not a complete expression.

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You must let anyone use your toilet if they ask in Scotland

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Did you Know? Mehndi can be a protection against the evil eye.


Bhutan has a tourist policy that is low-impact but high-value.


Chamomile tea helps aid digestion.

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Cities are forced to dispose the snow off in different ways.

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Are Babur and Genghis Khan related?

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Did you Know? Serkis had to play King Kong twice for the same movie.


It's possible that your blueberry jam wasn't actually made with blueberries!

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Not every Buddhist lives the life of a monk.


Lobsters stomachs are used to chew.

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Insulin resistance effects the oral hypoglycemic medication you choose.


The Pupils in Rattlesnake Eyes Are Vertical.

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Did you Know? According to Legends, Macbeth had a curse on it.


Pune is situated in an earthquake-prone region


Switzerland has 208 mountains and some of Europe's highest peaks.


Eczema Is Provoked by Specific Environmental Factors


Why flamingos balance on one foot is a mystery.



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The wings of butterflies are translucent.

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Our body's immune system is destroyed by antibiotics.


Alternatives to Plastic Toothbrushes Are Better for the Environment and Your Health

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Both men and women practise witchcraft.

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Moon Knight Powers changes with Moon

moon, moon facts, un facts,  earth facts, moon facts, moon origin,

Did you Know? The footsteps of the Apollo astronauts on the moon will most likely remain there for at least 100 million years.