England's youngest player was only 17 years old.


Wilfred Rhodes was the most famous cricketer in England. He made his 58th and final appearance on April 12, 1930, at the age of 51. Isn't this incredible? Brian Close, England's youngest cricket player at the age of 17, is a fascinating fact about the game. That is obviously off the record. The youngest cricketer of his generation hasn't played in almost a century.

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Did you Know? McDonald's introduced drive-through service due to the military.

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Sylvia Plath was also a visual artist.

Pigeons, Mesopotamian, hypothesis, domesticated, Scientists

Pigeons make great mail carriers.

colagen, skin, wrinkle, vitamin, surgery

Exposure to the sun:


Persian rugs require little upkeep

sachin, Tendulkar, Achrekar, Shivaji Park, tutored, cricket

Yorkshire's first foreign-born player was Sachin Tendulkar.


Men are more frugal than women.

bamboo,  grass, trees, woody, species, wood

High-rise bamboo!

The Vatican

The Vatican is the Wine Capital.

Spine, spinal cord

The spinal cord weighs around 35 grams.

earthen pots, earthenware, health professionals, slow cooking, earthy flavor

Terra cotta pots Porous in appearance

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You're Hiding a (Not So Great) Secret Under Your Skin

tunisia, Arab country, Islam

Djerba pilgrimage

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Did you Know? Nail Paint was developed from the car paint!


Unlike English or any other language, Hindi words are pronounced exactly as they are written.

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A Nevermind outtake became a proper Hole release.


Ancient Inuits produced armour

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Did you Know? There is a reason why childhood friendships end.

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Did you Know? Hinduism believes in Karma.

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Over the years, it has been exposed to several invasions.


When Your Iguana Licks You, What Does It Mean?

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Two cup sizes aren’t on the menu at Starbucks.

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Wyoming is home to Yellowstone National Park.

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Did you Know? Who was the First Female Best Director


There is a head and a tail on the pancreas.