Germany Has The World’s Largest Cathedral


The North Rhine-Westphalia city of Cologne is home to the Cologne Cathedral. It is Northern Europe's largest Gothic church. The second-tallest spires are found there. The largest cathedral in the world is made up of these enormous spires. In the distant past, in 1248, construction on the Cologne Cathedral began. It took until 1880 for the cathedral's construction to be completed.

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Lowbush berries

Lowbush berries are mainly produced in Canada.

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The Nepetalactone Is Everything.

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One of the world's most promising new tourist destinations


They are poor at concealing your feelings!

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Stringed Musical Instruments: How Do They Make Music?


Eczema Comes in a Variety of Forms.

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Coconut Oil!

Canine Coconut Oil!

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The eureka diamond was discovered by a fifteen-year-old

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Students who write longhand notes remember more and have a deeper understanding of the material than those who take notes from laptop.