spain, facts about spain, spain facts, spainish facts, spainish food, spainish language, spain girls

Fun Fact! Spain is a very sunny country

spain, facts about spain, spain facts, spainish facts, spainish food, spainish language, spain girls

With its Mediterranean environment of hot, dry summers and moderate, rainy winters, you may be tempted to undress when in Spain. There are few better places to top up your tan with 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. And any aspiring naturists will be glad to hear that nudity is permitted in Spain. Still, it is deemed undesirable in many locations.

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The Dutch national anthem is the oldest in the world

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Did you Know? All eggs are hormone free.


Collagen promotes elastin production.


Germany Has The World’s Largest Cathedral

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Did you Know? A little water can add up to a lot of snow.

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Money and more money for Harvard

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In Japan you can Shop in the first Kinokuniya location.


The facial pits of rattlesnakes may detect heat.

natural resources

One of the most powerful natural resources


Around 1844, the first three-row bristle toothbrush was invented.

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Adam's Peak is the country's most sacred mountain.

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A house cat can reach speeds of up to 30mph


Albuterol has Reactive Effects. Prevent Asthma from Happening.


Men are more frugal than women.

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Men often report greater financial confidence, particularly when making investment decisions.

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The most beautiful fruit in India

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Suffragettes saw lipstick as a symbol of women's liberation.

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Did you Know? The Black Spider Suit was created by a fan.

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Even though it's frequently associated with RSA, Afrikaans is also spoken elsewhere.

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Doctor Strange has an eye in the middle of his brow.

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A kidney is the real fruit of the cashew tree

Times Square, New York

The confetti thrown at Times Square contains hidden messages.


Your brows help people recognize you.

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Swiggy is also a tech company

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He or she will hide their tail behind their hind legs out of fear.