hiccups, spasms, diaphragm, compel, voicebox, ancestors, gills, choking

Hiccups protect the lungs from the absence of gills.

hiccups, spasms, diaphragm, compel, voicebox, ancestors, gills, choking

Have you ever thought about why you get hiccups? The spasms in your diaphragm compel you to suck in a breath, producing a gulping sound in your voicebox. Hiccups aren't beneficial in today's society, yet they were 370 million years ago. Scientists think that our ancestors had both gills and lungs and that when they pulled water in via their gills, it might aspirate into their lungs. A well-timed hiccup would clear the airway and prevent choking. Even though we no longer have gills, we still love the occasional hiccup!

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