In Turkey, a hunter-gatherer temple can be discovered.


Prior to the 1990s, it was widely assumed that significant human construction did not occur until early man dealt with agriculture and began to establish towns. When archaeologists discovered Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey, this notion was thrown out the window because the remains, which included the world's oldest megaliths, were created roughly 2,000 years before the agricultural revolution.

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Vatican City

There is no permanent citizenship in Vatican City.

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They don't take up a lot of room

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What Is the State of Their Conservation?

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Ham's aroma might make your dish "taste" saltier.

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Our language is constantly changing.


What Is the Flavor of Butterscotch?

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The fastest growing plant on the planet

 Sleep Positions

Certain Sleep Positions May Leave Lines

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There is a distinction to be made between a conspiracy theory, a myth, a rumour, and a falsehood.

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In the UK, a majority of automobile trips are under five miles.

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It is just as vital to clean crystals as it is to wear them.

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Did you Know? India’s first ever train ran between Mumbai and Thane


Along with your anxiousness, Chamomile might be beneficial.


Mexico's Heavy Dependence on Tourism

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Did you Know, You can Pass across the world's longest glass bottom bridge.


It performs both endocrine and exocrine functions.


Bhutan has a tourist policy that is low-impact but high-value.

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Earthworm's average age is more than 5 years.


Some flavors are available for a short period only.

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Did you Know? Artificial Nails were developed by a dentist!

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"Sleeping on your front can aid digestion"

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Porcelain was marked by the emperor's reign and dynasty.

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The asteroid belt has never contained a planet.

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Some Constellations Have Families