ellaslack, rehersal, major, royal, hermajesty, three, decades, throne

Queen Elizabeth II has a stand-in to keep the sun out of her eyes.

ellaslack, rehersal, major, royal, hermajesty, three, decades, throne

Ella Slack is of comparable height and size as the queen, thus she will perform a rehearsal before major events to eliminate royal annoyances such as the sun getting in Her Majesty's eyes. Slack has been doing it for three decades, but she is not permitted to sit on the throne, so she must kneel above it.

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Santa has a valid pilot's licence.

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Did you Know? In South Korea, men are spoilt on Valentine's Day rather than women.

Mango grafting

Mango grafting also benefited from Mughal patronage.


Large ivory tusks on the narwhal dolphin, which resemble unicorn horns

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Gemstone Promotes Self-Awareness

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Swiggy was founded by two young entrepreneurs

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Isaac Newton invented the cat door


Some flavors are available for a short period only.


The first windmills were created by the Persians.


The majority of people in Greenland are Inuit.

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Did you Know? Pineapples can destroy your taste buds

scream, movie, real story, Gainesville Ripper,  American, serial killer

Linda Blair, best known for her role as the possessed child Regan in The Exorcist, made a brief appearance in Scream.

new year facts, new year celebration, new year fireworks

Did you Know? On the eve of New Year, other cities drop Pickles, Drag Queens and Fleas.

johan schwartz, btw, danish racing, matt mullins, american, detroit speed

Did you know.... BMW's headquarters are styled after their automobile engines.

roses, flowers, oldestplants, guniessbooks, world records, genus rosa, familyrosaceae, species, rome

Rose is US's national flower.

greek, greekmythology, hydra, heracles, lernaean, monster, lerna, zeus, humankind, watersnake, hydra

Meaning: Hydra In Greek Mythology

Ronaldo  Museum

Ronaldo Has His Own Museum Dedicated to Him

Kimchi, Korean, healthy, cuisine, vitamin, fiber, vegetables,

Kimchi Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Fingernail sweat is impossible.


On a homestay experience, you may learn from the local Cambodians

Girls' School

In Pune, the First Girls' School in India was established.

pirates, eyepatch, fixtional, pirates, national, nationalgeographic, appendages

Pirates did wear patches, but not because they were all missing an eye.

chia seed

They contain a tonne of antioxidants.

Longest legs

The female with Longest legs


How much water is present in fog?