Kimchi, Korean, healthy, cuisine, vitamin, fiber, vegetables,

Kimchi has existed for almost 1500 years.

Kimchi, Korean, healthy, cuisine, vitamin, fiber, vegetables,

Kimchi is not a new concept! The first written records date back to the Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C.-668) when literature mentioned vegetables soaking in salt water. Koreans used to transform their crops into kimchis to keep them fresher for longer. The vegetables were stacked high with salt in sandstone jars (onggi) and buried. The crops were kept through fermentation and freezing. These supplies aided Koreans in surviving the winter by retaining the nutrients in the vegetables. Kimchis, together with rice, helped to provide for practically all of Korea's fundamental needs. The very earliest kimchis were simple: just veggies and salt! Different components (garlic, chili pepper, etc.) were added over time, culminating in

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