panther, huge, animal, jaguar, leopard, tigers, lions, melanism, cat, antelope, deer, warthog, tapir

The Panther Is a Stealthy Predator

panther, huge, animal, jaguar, leopard, tigers, lions, melanism, cat, antelope, deer, warthog, tapir

Panthers are carnivores that usually hunt on small to medium-sized herbivores, however which species vary on the area. Antelope, deer, warthog, tapir, wild boar, rabbits, and birds are among the animals that can be eaten. There are several panther facts pertaining to this animal's strong hunting abilities. Panthers are distinguished from other large cats by their ability to remain hidden. Panthers hunt at night since they are nocturnal. Their black fur lets them to blend in with their environment, and their keen eyesight and sense of smell aid in the detection of prey.

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