greatsphinx, giza, magnificient, achievement, despite, antiquity, ancientegypt, khafre, dynasty, kin

Nobody knows who built the Sphinx.

greatsphinx, giza, magnificient, achievement, despite, antiquity, ancientegypt, khafre, dynasty, kin

The Great Sphinx of Giza is such a magnificent achievement that it's amazing no one took credit for it. Even today, despite the absence of clear proof of the statue's antiquity, contemporary scholars disagree on which Ancient Egyptian king erected the monument. According to popular belief, the Sphinx appeared during the reign of Khafre during the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom, giving the statue a birth date in the vicinity of 2500 BCE. The king is credited for the construction of the appropriately called Pyramid of Khafre, the second biggest component of the Giza Necropolis, as well as the neighboring valley and funerary temples. The collection's closeness to the Sphinx, as well as the parallels between

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