Times Square, New York

Plates shattering on New Year's Eve are considered good luck in Denmark.

Times Square, New York

The Danes have a custom of tossing dishes at the front doors of family and friends' homes to bring good fortune in the new year.

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Delicious and Healthy Spinach Substitute

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For the Oxford English Dictionary, J.R.R. Tolkien researched the word etymologies.

Stained Glass

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Dussehra is also known as Vijay Dashmi in some Hindu subcultures,


Scientists are still perplexed as to why people have diverse blood types in the first place.

Fennel seed

Fennel seeds cleanse the blood.

Bronte sisters

Two out of the three Bronte sisters had governess jobs.

Vatican City

There is no prison in Vatican City


Sometimes, heavy bleeding might be caused by stomach ulcers.

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On the first day of filming, Carrie Fisher smacked Oscar Isaac more than 40 times.

 Sound Waves

Why Are Sound Waves Unsuitable for Electricity Generation?

Sea Lamprey

The latin name for the Sea Lamprey is 'Stone Licker'

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$8.8 billion in sales are anticipated for Halloween.

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Your nails don't have airways.

Antarctic environment

The Antarctic environment depends on krill as a food supply.

chia seed

Chia seeds have a 9-fold capacity for water absorption.

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beagles need regular grooming