mosquito, mosquito color

Mosquitoes are drawn to specific colors.

mosquito, mosquito color

We may not anticipate it, but what we wear directly impacts why mosquitoes won't leave us alone. These little insects are drawn to dark colors because, according to this study, black attracts more mosquitos than white. According to the same study, these flying insects are drawn to heat, which dark colors absorb more than bright hues.

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The term "soufflé" is the past participle of the French verb "souffler."

wales, united kingdom, merlin, welsh, flag, origin

The world's tiniest cathedral city

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The role of Ross Geller in FRIENDS was actually written for David Schiwmmer

oldest churches.

Turkey is home to one of Christianity's oldest churches.

wisdom tooth, gums, teeth, painful, extra teeth, genetics

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A family with an Oscar

cashew seeds

Green cashews are raw cashews.

toilet, scotland, laws, weird

You must let anyone use your toilet if they ask in Scotland

eyesight, human vision, human vision facts, candle facts, human vision fact, pupils fact, dilated pu

Did you Know? Eyes are very sensitive!

Army of Terracotta,  China, Qin Shi Huang, Terracotta Army

The Army of Terracotta It was built more than 2,200 years ago.

earthen pots, earthenware, health professionals, slow cooking, earthy flavor

Earthern pots Oil savings and eventual health improvements.

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The British Museum has been a popular film set


People are paid to push you aboard crowded trains.


Bulgaria is where the Cyrillic script first appeared.

 Skin Glows

Your Skin Glows When You Dance

rats, pets, loveable, movie, hollywood, animated, ratatouille, culinary, vermin

Pet Rats Sold Big After Ratatouille

pencil "lead

why do we call the core of a pencil "lead"?

Danielle Steele, Danielle Steele facts, most selling author

Did you Know? Danielle Steele is the world's most selling living author!

sri Lanka, biodiversity,  jewels, coast of India, country

Adam's Peak is the country's most sacred mountain.


A fun fact about Chihuahuas: celebrities adore them.

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It’s home to the world's happiest animal!

korean, language, English, hangul, verb, Chinese

There are clear differences between north and south korean.

allahabad, prayagraj, akbar, Prayag, east india comapny

Allahabad University – Fourth Oldest University in India

 Black Country

The Black Country produced the first steam engine.

Welsh gold

Welsh gold is used to make royal wedding rings.