Spanish, Spain, united states, Colombia

The largest Spanish-speaking population on the planet

Spanish, Spain, united states, Colombia

With 121 million users and growing. With 52 million, the United States is second on the list (of which 41 million are native Spanish speakers). Colombia has 48 million Spanish speakers, while Spain has 46 million.

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During World War I, more French troops died than in the whole history of the United States.

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What exactly is the Met Gala?

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Did you Know? Popcorn were invented by indigenous people of America

Galileo horoscopes

Galileo instructed his students on how to make horoscopes

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Passports Around the World

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Did you Know? Mongolians have a festival dedicated to eagle hunting


The facial pits of rattlesnakes may detect heat.

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The phrase "X-Files" refers to all of the conspiracy theory fodder that the FBI is secretly working on.


The centipede's incorrect name

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Vikings did not wear horned helmets.

Golf balls

Golf balls were once made from lobsters shells.

venus flytrap

Venus flytraps are a threatened species.


There is an equation that calculates how long a conspiracy can remain hidden.


In Europe, Bulgarians Are Relatively Short.

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The British Museum had its own tube station for over 30 years

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Our body's immune system is destroyed by antibiotics.

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Did you Know? In Korea Hairstyles are based upon age and relationship status.

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Migraine Medication Can Cause Cerebral pains

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit can also be applied topically to the skin as a low-cost skincare trick.

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Mosquitoes come in over 3,500 different varieties:

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The parade of costumes is led by princesses and Spiderman.

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Mysterious Hanuman Temple


Halibut Is It A Flat Fish?

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Amsterdam has over 1,200 bridges

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Snow in June