It's a Nobel Prize-Winning Machine.


Switzerland is recognized not only for its banking but also for being a global presence in academia. According to Wikipedia's listings (1) (2), Swiss institutions have produced a large number of Nobel Laureates, the majority of whom are scientists.

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candle, candles, romans, wax

Candle wax was consumed during feasts.


Without our brows, where would we be?

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds are used to treat foul breath.

brazil facts, brazil dance, facts about brazil, all about brazil, brazil, brazil history, brazil sam

Did you Know? Brazil is South America's biggest and the world's fifth largest country.

World Cup, football

Qatar's first World Cup

iguana, reptile

How Long Do Iguanas Live?

Spider silk

Spider silk is extremely tough.

Netflix compensates

Netflix compensates its employees for viewing content from home.

australian animals, native australian animals, endangered australian animals, extinct australian ani

In Australia, it is estimated that insects make up almost 70% of the biodiversity (CSIRO, 2005).

bali, amazon, seas, corals, sealife, biodiversity

Bali is part of the 'Coral Triangle.'


Dussehra is also known as Vijay Dashmi in some Hindu subcultures,

wolf howl, moon and wolf,

Wolves do not howl at the moon.

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was born in Wales.

Calvin Coolidge, Calvin Coolidge facts, Calvin Coolidge bio, Calvin Coolidge lions

Did you Know? Calvin Coolidge Owned a Pair of Lions

egg, egg yolk facts, egg whites, protein in eggs, egg protein, egg yolk protein, egg white protein,

Chicken earlobes can predict that what colour of eggs they will lay.

skin, exfoliate, dull skin, cells, rough skin, hyaluronic acid

Additionally, beets have been demonstrated to aid the body's detoxification process.

greece facts, facts about greece, greek islands, greek facts, facts about greeks, greece islands

Did you Know? Apollo's Wrath is one of the Greek Mythology Facts.

cashew seeds

They must be picked with care

Angkor Wat, temple, ruins, Hinduism, religion, machu picchu

Angkor's ancient ruins are far larger than you believe.

coffee, coffee facts, facts about coffee, coffee, coffee facts, coffee power, coffee drug

Did you Know? Coffee was discovered by a goat herder.


85 species of krill are recognised.

Young plants

Young plants have upright stems, but as they get older, they gradually start to creep or trail.

Milan, Italy

It’s a legal requirement to smile at all times except at funerals or hospitals in Milan, Italy


Prior to being used worldwide, silk was first created in ancient China.

panther, huge, animal, jaguar, leopard, tigers, lions, melanism, cat

A Panther is a Jaguar or a Leopard.