Kimchi, Korean, healthy, cuisine, vitamin, fiber, vegetables,

Kimchi Refrigerators Exist.

Kimchi, Korean, healthy, cuisine, vitamin, fiber, vegetables,

Kimchis were traditionally stored in heavy earthenware jars that were buried before the arrival of winter. Kimchi fermented in these jars according to the seasonal cycle. Koreans are now using more advanced preservation techniques. Kimchi fermentation containers, for example, which are highly popular in Korea, mimic the natural porosity of conventional jars and simplify fermentation. Specialized refrigerators for long-term storage have also been designed. They adhere to a refrigeration cycle that mimics Korean temperatures. Fermentation is then slowed for maximum kimchi preservation. Another advantage of these refrigerators is that kimchi has a distinct odor that tends to attach to other foods. This can be solved by purchasing a se

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