Indo China War, china war, china intrusion, sino indian war, 1962, 1962 war, sino indian war 1962, i

There was an Objectionable American Role in the Indo-China War

Indo China War, china war, china intrusion, sino indian war, 1962, 1962 war, sino indian war 1962, i

On November 22, 1962, Averell Harriman, the US Assistant Secretary of State, and Duncan Sandys, the British Secretary for Commonwealth Relations, paid a visit to India. On this day, China proclaimed a unilateral cease-fire in its conflict with India. A clear signal was sent to India, which had only recently emerged from the worst month in its history: she needed to concede on Kashmir. The Kennedy and subsequent Johnson administrations considered'rebalancing' aid to Pakistan in exchange for India agreeing to'resolve' the Kashmir dispute.

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