alcohol cloud, space alcohol, alcohol in space, space facts, alcohol clouds in space

Did you Know? There is a ginormous Alcohol cloud in space

alcohol cloud, space alcohol, alcohol in space, space facts, alcohol clouds in space

Our universe is full of mysteries, whether it's various planets, asteroids, or even stars with their own solar system that keeps them tethered to their gravity. The finding was found in 2006 using the MERLIN radio telescopes in the United Kingdom. The researchers were looking at a region known as W3 when they made this finding (OH). A area of our galaxy where stars are produced as a result of the gravitational collapse of dust and cloud gas. Before you start salivating over the interplanetary booze, keep in mind that the alcohol discovered here is methyl alcohol, and methyl alcohol is unsuitable for human consumption, if you were even a bit attention in your science lessons in school. Ethyl alcohol is used to make the spiri

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Almond flour is an excellent gluten-free substitute for wheat flour!

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Fennel seed

Fennel seeds cleanse the blood.

 Richard Farnabe

Executive Chef Richard Farnabe and Alexandre Petrossian create the most costly soufflé.


There are two recognised Chihuahua breeds.


The Meaning of "Ashwagandha"

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India’s first 5 star river cruise “M.V. Mahabaahu” on Brahmaputra


Women make up two-thirds of caregivers.

Happy Heart, Happy Heart facts, Happy Heart health, healthy heart,

Did you Know? A Happy Heart is a Healthy Heart

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Amsterdam has over 1,200 bridges

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Did you Know? The great pyramids were not build by slaves

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First best female director


Modern arts exhibit a pattern that is visible.

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"Volcanic Lava Has the Potential to Convert to Glass "


Probiotics treat constipation, colds, and cancer

 Fennel seed

Fennel seeds help with digestion.

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Call Of Duty’s Daily Players Could Fill 80 Of The World’s Largest Sports Stadiums

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Most Hong Kong apartment structures lack the fourth story!

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The first known tree was a leafless, fern-like plant from New York.

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Botox, Botox side effects, Botox advantages, Botox facts

Did you Know? Botox removes a person's ability to feel emotions.

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"Mount Sinai And The 10 Commandments "

assassins creed, assassins creed facts, facts about assassins, assassins facts, altair facts, ezio f

Did you Know? Assassin’s Creed is more successful than FIFA

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Your skin doesn't have to itch from retinoids.