maine, united states, america

Acceptance into the Union

maine, united states, america

Maine was once a region of Massachusetts, but the state was unable to defend itself against foreign invasion. Residents advocated for statehood so that they could defend themselves. Maine was accepted as the 23rd state in 1820. Missouri followed the next year.

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Wolves do not howl at the moon.

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Isaac Newton invented the cat door

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The World's Biggest Soufflé was devoured in under ten minutes.


Fingernail sweat is impossible.

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Did you Know? According to Legends, Macbeth had a curse on it.

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Did you Know? Algeria is the home to the famous Djamaa El Djazair mosque


Are skincare products preferred above dietary supplements and food?

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The original Merriam-Webster Dictionary was $6.

Agoraphobia, phobia, social anxiety, anxiety, fear

Do you know about Acrophobia?

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Athena Has Gorgon Medusa’s Head on Her Aegis

santa claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus are Canadian citizens.


The shape is typically a triangle or a V shape.

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Did you Know? In Danish, there is no word for "please."


This may seem perplexing but pay close attention... Quebec is another name for Quebec City.

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The first agricultural field plowed


Several times a year, Christ gets struck by lightning.

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Did you Know? Some planes can fly 5 hours after their engine goes off

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From minor trickling to potentially fatal bleeding, stomach ulcers can bleed.

Genghis Khan

Why was he called Genghis Khan?

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Cancer-fighting qualities

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Queen Victoria proposed to her husband


Ashwagandha reduces blood sugar and fat levels.

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London’s landmarks could have been very different indeed

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Did you Know ? Who won the Most Expensive Oscar Winner

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The tallest island mountain on the planet.