Ashwagandha is an Indian herb.


Ashwagandha is native to India. However, it is also present in various Middle Eastern, African, and Mediterranean countries. It's also known as Indian ginseng or winter cherry.

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It's okay to choose a salicylic acid-containing toner if your skin tends to be oilier.


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Probiotics treat constipation, colds, and cancer


Only England's cricket team has played over 1000 test matches.

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The city has a well-developed mechanism for dealing with typhoons.

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Yogurt is also beneficial to your skin.

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Did you Know? A pharmacist invented Coca-Cola.

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The Hindi alphabetical table is known as 'Varnmala,' which means 'Garland of letters.'

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In the UK, a majority of automobile trips are under five miles.

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Mangoes in South India were referred to as aam-kaay in Tamil, which became maam-kaay as a result of the numerous regional dialects there.

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UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Female lobsters

Female lobsters are active participants who make the first move.

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One of the Most Expensive Cities in the U.S.


Sofia's oldest structure is a church.

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Prebiotics are better

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Allahabad University – Fourth Oldest University in India


Is home to two of the world's most livable cities.

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According to folklore, it was discovered by a shepherd.

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Roller coasters were developed to divert Americans' attention away from sin.

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Why was Ambedkar unhappy with the Indian Constitution?


Albuterol has Reactive Effects. Prevent Asthma from Happening.

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Rio de Janeiro translates as January River.