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Before auditioning for the role of Chandler, Matthew Perry assisted his acting pals.

friends, jennifer, jenniferaniston, brad, bradpitt, rachel, joey, monica, chandler, ross, pheobe

Before auditioning for Friends, Matthew Perry was offering other actors advice on how to ace their auditions as Chandler. He was working on an "awful TV program about luggage handlers in the year 2197" at the time, but when it didn't get a full series, he ended up auditioning himself. "I was off the market, so my pals were all applying for this show, and there was this character named Chandler who was extremely similar to me," he recounted during an interview on The Graham Norton Show. As a result, I would assist them with their auditions. Among the people who have tried out for the role of Chandler are Jon Favreau and Jon Cryer, with Jon subsequently appearing as Monica's boyfrie

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