Thyme can reach a height of up to 40 cm, and its stems are typically wiry or narrow in shape. The leaves alternate in pairs along these short, treelike frames (although some may be more complex). The blooms of thyme feature oval petals and corollas that resemble green-white tubes with little tubular lobes at the tips.

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Pancreas means “all flesh” in Greek.


Microfiber cleans smooth surfaces of 99 percent of germs.


Grapefruit Could Boost Your Immune System

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Did you Know? "Ladakh has the highest bridge in the world"

pencil, Hemingway, lead, writing, ink, black, typed

Every year, more than 14 billion pencils are produced worldwide.

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Did you Know the Fact about the Creation of Humans?

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The white color of milk is mostly fat

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In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice occurs sometime between June 20 and June 22.

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Did you Know? Halloween is still the Wiccan New Year

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The most expensive World Cup in football history .

taste buds

Eating sweet foods aids in the formation of a meal memory.

birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Heavy Metal's Birthplace

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Did you Know? Dogs can learn over 1,000 words.

butterfly, chitin, protein,  insect exoskeleton, translucent

Some butterfly species migrate in order to avoid the cold.

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There Will Be Blood Disrupted Shooting for No Country for Old Men


Surgery on the pancreas is extremely challenging.


Unlike cotton, microfiber does not leave lint or scratches.

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Did you Know? Mehndi Patterns in Hindus and Muslims differs

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Did you Know? Lisa Kudrow or Phoebe Buffay of FRINEDS didn't actually know how to play guitar.


There have been several one-hit wonders in the past.

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Temples that have degenerated

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Did you Know? King James I was the decendant of real Banquo.

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Did you Know? There are so many uses of cucumber!

Walt Disney, Red Cross Ambulance Corps, France, World War I

"""Feed the Birds"" was Walt Disney's favourite song. """"Feed the Birds"" was Walt Disney's favourite song. "

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Did you Know? Tamil Nadu is India's industry powerhouse