There have been several one-hit wonders in the past.


We ate a lot of Hot Pockets Sideshots – tiny, soft rolls with sloppy joe or cheeseburger filling — when they were still available. Other short-lived offerings were Hot Pockets Pasta Bake, which had cheesy noodles (holy carbohydrates!) and Food Truck Bites, which were inspired by genuine food trucks in Los Angeles and Chicago.

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Einstein Galileo  relativity

Long before Einstein, Galileo wrote about relativity.

lizard, reptile,  tail, autonomy, species

Lizards have the ability to change color at will.


The Ashwagandha Parts That Are Used to Make Remedies

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Swiggy has achieved unicorn status

braille, blind, shorthand, abbreviated, contracted version

There’s a good reason why braille is on the keypad buttons of drive-through ATMs.

flounder, fish, hogchoker, freshwater, fish, flatfish

In Florida, what is a flatfish?

gynecologist, OB-GYN

Shower before your Gynecologist appointment.

amaltas, leaves, benefits

Beneficial for heart issues


Even those firefly larvae that are submerged in water or the underground may glow.

coconut, india, indonesia, philippones

Coconuts may be found anywhere.


Yuba Bharati Krirangan Vivekananda (VYBK)

budapest, synagogue, Jewish temple, Europe

In Budapest, there is a cave church.

wolf howl, moon and wolf,

Wolves do not howl at the moon.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea might make living during your period simpler.

Collagen, skin, wrinkle, vitamin, surgery

Foods and supplements:

malta, gazo, iasland, country, Europe

An Island Surrounded by Beautiful Waters

Micky Mouse

Micky Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney

cupcakes, cakes, cake facts. cupcake facts, cake fact, bleuberry vake, cheesecake, cake, muffin. muf

Did you Know? Before birthday cake candles, candles on the cakes were saved for the goddesses on moon.

spirituality, spirituality definition, spirituality vs religion, ignatian spirituality, african spir

What's the connection between spirituality and happiness?


Long before settlers arrived, first Nations peoples were already eating lowbush blueberries.

Dulce De Leche

Is Dulce De Leche made with butterscotch?

convertibles, romantic, herald, Indians, travel, decades, numerous, roadways

Did you know.... India received its first convertible.

shoes, shoes facts, shows breakdown, shoes recycle

Did you Know? Shoes can take upto 1,000 years to break down.

dust mites

One million to ten million dust mites may reside in your mattress.

netherlands, national anthem, wilhelmus, Dutch, national , melody

The Dutch national anthem is the oldest in the world