scream, movie, real story, Gainesville Ripper,  American, serial killer

Billy, the iconic Saw puppet, was so important to filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Whannell that they paid for it to have its own seat on a flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles.

scream, movie, real story, Gainesville Ripper,  American, serial killer

This was back when the couple was attempting to get the film made in Hollywood with only one puppet.

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endangered creatures

Over 100 endangered creatures live in Indonesia.

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Did you Know? The Indiana Jones props are real.

Almonds, milk, plant milk

Almonds are beneficial to your heart!


Spanish conquerors devastated chia crops 500 years ago.

skin, exfoliate, dull skin, cells, rough ski, hyaluronic acid

The root portion was utilized as a medication in the past to alleviate painful conditions

Netflix original  Kibble

On paper, Netflix's original name was Kibble.

Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, tamil nadu

Largest number of tribal groups are found in madhya pradesh

toilet paper

In 1880, the first toilet paper was created in England.

Pune, India, city

The famous yerwada prison is in Pune.


Do you know about the cursed Tomb of Tutankhamun ?

 Windows 10

You Can Install Windows 10 Using a USB Flash Drive.

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Did you Know? The reason behind eggs being blue isn't that appealing.

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It can help strengthen your immune system.

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The most Oscars won by an actor or actress

 tourist destinations

One of the world's most promising new tourist destinations

metgala, metropolitan, museum, artcostume, fundraiser, fashiondepartment, december, 1948, fashionpub

How did the Gala become so glamorous?

almonds, milk, plant milk

Almonds are a great source of energy.


The centipede's incorrect name


What is the face of Islam in Tunisia?


The Euphausiacea order include crustaceans like the krill, which resemble shrimp.

mousetrap, colin pullinger, perpetual mousetrap, lifetime, england museum, trap,  mechanism

A 155-year-old mousetrap successfully caught a mouse in 2016.


Bhutanese citizens are required to wear their national costume.


Children are most at risk from air pollution, but it affects all of us.

 yetis, China, India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Russia

Several countries have reported seeing yetis.