lobster, crabs, clams, mussels

The most bizarre, cruel method imaginable is used by the mantis shrimp to murder its prey.

lobster, crabs, clams, mussels

The mantis shrimp uses its two tentacles, which have the same velocity as a rifle gunshot, and dismember other shellfish by boiling the water around them to produce a shockwave that can kill animals. To put that into perspective, a human could have thrown a rock into space if they had used the same force in their arms! Additionally, the intensity of their shell is so great that it served as a model for true human body armour.

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algae, marine, fish, animals, water

The base of the marine food chain is algae.

George Cross.

Malta received the George Cross.

Marie Curie  shed

Marie Curie carried out her most important research in a shed.

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In our galaxy, there might be 500 million planets capable of hosting life.


Braille takes up more space than the traditional alphabet


Daily Use of Sunscreen Prevents Aging

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The center of Spain

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's national flag is one of the world's oldest.

iguana, reptile

Iguanas: Do They Have Blood?

Pariah dogs

Pariah dogs from India are very adaptive.

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According to studies, beets have high concentrations of certain antioxidants.


Yuba Bharati Krirangan Vivekananda (VYBK)


Even those firefly larvae that are submerged in water or the underground may glow.

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Is dust an asthma trigger?

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Toto Earned More Than the Munchkins on The Wizard of Oz

Women, Unpaid, employment, India, labor, authority, freedom, financial resources

Gender prejudice abounds in financial advice.

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Did you Know? Brazil is the home to world's second longest river

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In Florida, what is a flatfish?

Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, Charles Darwin books,

Did you Know? Charles Darwin created his own office chair with wheels.

retinol, collagen

Between Retinol, Retinyl, Retinaldehyde, and everything else, there is a distinction.

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Did you Know? Ketchup Was Sold in the 1830s as Medicine

Minnesota, Alaska, Lake Iliamna, United States, marine animals

Alaska has a total of 54,563 kilometres of tidal shoreline.


Dental crowding is a significant breed issue.

sun exposure, acne, acne break

Did you Know? Sun Exposure can minimise acne breakouts.