Coca-Cola, Coca Cola, Coca Cola facts, Coca Cola fact, the great depression, coke facts, facts about

Coke had a promotion in which they filled their cans with disgusting concoctions.

Coca-Cola, Coca Cola, Coca Cola facts, Coca Cola fact, the great depression, coke facts, facts about

Coca-Cola debuted "MagiCans" in 1990, giving customers the chance to win anywhere from $1 to $500. Coupons for excursions or items were available in other cans. When the cans were opened, they spewed out the reward. However, the weight of the can had to be concealed so that participants couldn't tell which cans included a reward and which were simply normal Cokes. The winning cans were filled with a water, chlorine, and ammonium sulphate mix. It stank, and drinking it was frowned upon. Of course, some individuals still tried to drink them, but the solution was safe to consume. Coca-Cola cancelled the campaign owing to concerns about defective cans and the unfavourable press that surrounded them. Less than

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