kolkata facts, facts about kolkata, kolkata, about kolkata, kolkata history

Did you Know? Kolkata is home to oldest zoo in the country

kolkata facts, facts about kolkata, kolkata, about kolkata, kolkata history

The Alipore Zoo is literally something to be proud of, from the Royal Bengal to the greatest species of animals. However, few Kolkatans are aware that it is also the country's oldest zoo. Alipore's tagline as a brand could be - entertaining everyone since 1875!

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Cern Is Within Its Boundaries

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Unlike English or any other language, Hindi words are pronounced exactly as they are written.

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You Can Install Windows 10 Using a USB Flash Drive.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds Aid in Lactation


When luciferase was first discovered, fireflies were the only source of the chemical.

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The Indo-European language Hindi

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Have you heard the legends of La Ciguapa?


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Sushruta Samhita, the World's Oldest Medical and Surgical Encyclopedia

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hiding in the fog.

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One of Buddha's incisors is kept in a temple in Kandy.

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Lotions are not all created equal.

Genghis Khan

Did you know that Genghis Khan loathed cats and feared dogs?