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Lights! Camera! Nope! at Harvard

harvard, harvard university, harvard acceptance rate, harvard pilgrim, harvard business review, harv

The most prestigious university of America cannot have its students getting distracted from school now, can they? Commercial filming on university grounds is banned at Harvard and it has been a no-film zone since 1970. Movies like The Social Network (2010) and some others found a loophole; although set at Harvard they were filmed elsewhere, complying with university regulations.

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"It’s against the law to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7 pm in Arizona, USA "

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Did you know.... We are all composed of stardust.

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What Is the Name of French Cinema?

Gundam Technology

Gundam Technology is founded on actual science.

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"Volcanic Lava Has the Potential to Convert to Glass "

Tropical America

Tropical America is the Mimosa Pudica's original habitat.


You should always apply SPF-protected moisturiser

Red hair

Red hair can develop in people of any ethnicity.


The College Street in Kolkata

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Did you Know? The reason behind eggs being blue isn't that appealing.


Chamomile tea can be applied even to your hair.

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the famous petra tresury is actually a graveyard

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Senior citizens like the company of Indian pariah dogs.

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Did you Know? 13 frames per second is the slowest speed human brain will process images consecutively

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Using Your Skin Too Much Causes Breakouts


Silk is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.


People are divided on whether Santa dwells in the North Pole or in Finland.

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Did you Know? Only Slowbro has the ability to do down in evolution.

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The earliest lipstick was made using crushed diamonds and lead.

Leonardo da Vinci'

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

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There was an Objectionable American Role in the Indo-China War

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Tom Hanks Helped Pay To Get Forrest Gump Made

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Did you Know! The sun has layers.

Inuit folklore

Inuit folklore is enormously rich.

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Raindrops are shaped more like hamburger buns