witches, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, witchcraft,  magic

Contrary to popular belief, Halloween is not the only occasion when all the witches emerge.

witches, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, witchcraft,  magic

Halloween is more fun than serious, but contrary to popular belief, it is not particularly important in a witch's calendar. They are also thought to celebrate Beltane, the first day of May, and Midsummer's Eve, which coincides with the summer solstice. In fact, in Sweden, Easter is associated with witches.

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Indian pariah dogs require very little grooming.

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Did you Know? Some planes can fly 5 hours after their engine goes off

Mexico City

Mexico City sinks by 10 inches every year!

Girls' School

In Pune, the First Girls' School in India was established.

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Did you Know? Coca-Cola comes in at least 16 distinct tastes.

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Did you Know? Hinduism states that God has many forms.

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The base of the marine food chain is algae.

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Did you know.... India received its first convertible.

beetroot, beet

Betanin Gives Food a Vibrant Color

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Did you Know? Before birthday cake candles, candles on the cakes were saved for the goddesses on moon.

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Females Deliver Live Children.

birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Tennis was invented on a Birmingham lawn.

Glass, sand, lime, soda, ash, high temperature

Glass cracks move at a speed of 3000 mph when it breaks


Tulsi is Helpful for Kidney Stones and Gouty Arthritis

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Swiggy has achieved unicorn status

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Most popular Instagram hashtag


Tourists pay no sales tax when they shop.

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The Kind Of Animal That A Fairyfly Is.


They consume a lot of alcohol.


Treatment for asthma

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Pirates had a sophisticated mail system and a retirement plan.

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The Pacific Ocean is more than twice the size of the moon.