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Imprints are your best friend when it comes to finding books you like.

books, publishers, amazon, bookshops, author

Every year, between 60,000 and 1,000,000 novels are published in the United States alone. Obviously, that's far too numerous to keep track of. So knowing which imprints are publishing to your preferences is the greatest way to sort through this massive amount of books. Consider them "themes." Keep up with Crown Archetype, for example, if you're interested in pop culture. Follow Agate Publishing's Bolden imprint if you want to read more diversely. These factions can be quite broad but sometimes extremely specialized, which makes finding new books a lot of fun.

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There is a healthier option.

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Do you know about the cursed The Hands Resist Him Painting?

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Which article is known as the heart and soul of the Indian Constitution?


Only England's cricket team has played over 1000 test matches.

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There are about 700 different languages and dialects spoken in the country.

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Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani Greek Yogurt, had no expertise in producing Greek yogurt when he purchased a derelict Yogurt Factory in 2005.

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Swiggy has made four acquisitions


Several times a year, Christ gets struck by lightning.

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Monarch butterflies migrate south in the fall after spending the summer in North America.

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Summers are the most thundery time of the year.

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Nevermind was mixed by someone who had previously worked with Slayer (and Madonna).

Football  Goal Scorer

Football's Fastest Goal Scorer

Mexico City

Mexico City sinks by 10 inches every year!

folklore, horsemen. german, grimm, celtic, dullahan, american, headless deamon

Do you know about the cursed The Basano Vase?

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Hira Halwai for the delicious Samosa


They are pink because of beta-carotene.

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A well-known traditional treatment for all health problems, turmeric milk

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Did you Know? DC Comics bought the rights to superman for $130.

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There's a reason for the round tables at Starbucks.

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Alien's Androids Are Alphabetized

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South Koreans are Asia's largest drinkers.


Carrots are orange because of the Netherlands

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The debate about Afrikaans continues.

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In ancient Greece, killing a dolphin was deemed sacrilegious