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When Modern Warfare 3 Launched, Over 1.4 Billion Multiplayer Call Of Duty Matches Had Been Played

call of duty, call of duty facts, facts about call of duty, modern warfare, modern warfare 3, black

Billions (rather than millions)... MILLIONS of Call of Duty multiplayer battles have already been played long before Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2, or even the impending Ghosts. In total, 1.4 billion matches have been played, which is far more than all known battles in human history combined.

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Chinese porcelain

Chinese porcelain raw materials are inexpensive and widely available.

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The Carolingian Empire's growth in the ninth century may have paved the way for the Vikings.

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Pancreatic cancer has a genetic component.


Asteroids come in a variety of varieties.


Bamboo survived the Hiroshima nuclear test.

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Jaws' Most Famous Line Was Improvised


The Kids Are Drawn To The Beautiful Forms Kids are frequently drawn to the lovely magical form of kaleidoscopes.