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Did you Know? Dabbawallahs provide an astonishing number of lunches.

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Normally, Mumbai's foodservice network, known as dabbawallahs, distributes over 200,000 lunch boxes everyday from house to workplace by bike and rail. Unfortunately, the epidemic has had a significant impact on their services, with many students and workers opting to stay at home. Each participant receives the relevant tiffin box, which is filled with hot lunch made by their family, and the empty boxes are picked up and sent home in the afternoon. The Lunchbox, a 2013 film, is based on the phenomena.

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Budapest was formed by the union of three cities.


Your immune system is supported by vitamin D.


Lobsters use their stomachs to chew and their legs to taste.

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It's a fallacy that it's simple to obtain enough vitamin D from food alone.

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Jaws' Most Famous Line Was Improvised

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Roses have hundreds of scent molecules combining notes of different aromas

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More than a quarter of women seeking medical attention for menopausal symptoms had to see their doctor three or more times before receiving therapy or support.

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Female lobsters are active participants who make the first move.


The yeti's etymology is extremely hazy.

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A manned spacecraft first travelled through the asteroid belt in 1972.

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Did you Know? Turkeys Were Once Worshipped as if they Were Gods

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There is a secret menu on Netflix.


Chamomile tea can aid sleep.