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Did you Know? Hollywood has always set the trend and of nail paints too!

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Rita Hayworth became famous for her red nails in the 1940s thanks to a little help from Technicolor. Uma Thurman's Vamp polish (later re-released by Chanel as Rouge Noir) drew attention in the 1994 cult film Pulp Fiction. The shade quickly became one of the company's best-selling items.

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Not all Buddhists practise vegetarianism.

Santa claus

Santa Claus has NINE reindeer.

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Skin cancer is more common among redheads.

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Clip-ins have been around for quite some time!

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Bubble wrap was first used as wallpaper.

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Did you Know? Superman fought Muhammad Ali

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Swiggy has made two large investments


Asteroids come in a variety of varieties.

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It is very healthy to crochet.


Eczema Is Not Just a Skin Issue

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Exposure to the sun:


Microfiber is incredibly environmentally friendly.

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In India, Homi J Bhabha rose to prominence quickly.

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Better chances of winning the lottery than getting into Harvard


Asthma Is Not All Wheezing.


People are paid to push you aboard crowded trains.

Lowbush berries

Lowbush berries are mainly produced in Canada.

Netflix  socks

Netflix created special socks that automatically pause your TV when you fall asleep.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Is Not Cactus

Buddhist, emptiness, Marcel, Buddha, religious activities

Fill your heart, not your mind.

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What is the fact about the Yugas we Living in?

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Ulcers are not caused by stress.

Swiss Guards

Swiss Guards protect the Pope.