shinto, ancestors, tragicdeath, ancientgod, books, nature, weather, topography, shintoism, gods, Jap

Shintoism has no one founder.

shinto, ancestors, tragicdeath, ancientgod, books, nature, weather, topography, shintoism, gods, Jap

There was Jesus Christ in Christianity. There is no prophet or founder in Shintoism. Instead, beginning with the Nara era, Shintoism was recreated with Buddhism as a single religion. This scenario altered during the Meiji period when the emperor's devotion was combined with Shintoism. Kokka Shintoism is the name given to this Shintoism. Kokka Shintoism died out after World War II. Nowadays, we have Jinja Shintoism, which is Shintoism that takes place in shrines.

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