egypt facts, facts about egypt, dam facts, facts about dams, ashwan high dam

Did you Know? Egypt is the home of world's largest Dam

egypt facts, facts about egypt, dam facts, facts about dams, ashwan high dam

Built to restrain the roaring waves of the world's longest river, the Nile, the Aswan high dam is the world's biggest dam.

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Gods and Goddesses Images


"Comfortable hole, bye," a gorilla says in response to a query about death.

London, cemetery, tomb, machine , teleportation, hannah courtoy, brompton, stephen coates

A London tomb is supposedly a time machine or teleportation chamber.

moonstone, energy, fortune, spiritual

Moonstone, the stone of peace

metgala, metropolitan, museum, artcostume, fundraiser, fashiondepartment, december, 1948, fashionpub

The Gala was not always held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

johan schwartz, btw, danish racing, matt mullins, american, detroit speed

BMW currently owns the Guinness World Record for the longest drift.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse wasn't created by Walt Disney.

netflix, mitch lowe, pornography, bill clinton, monica lewinsky, scandal, customer, chinese, employe

Netflix’s Executives Used To Make House Calls.

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Vision Boards Help You Unleash Your Inner Power

summer, summer season, summer carnival

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice occurs sometime between June 20 and June 22.


Sunflowers React to the Sun

palm trees, facts about palm trees, palm trees facts

Did you Know? Palm Trees Are Important Religious Symbol


Tulsi is Effective in Gastrointestinal Disorders

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Chocolate has an odd effect on our brains.

Vatican City

There is no prison in Vatican City

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Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

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Making something with crochet can make idle time into useful time.

La Llorona

Have you heard the legends of La Llorona


Cleopatra Was Not Egyptian

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The joys of driving and crossing the roads in Myanmar

San Marino, Saint Marinus, Rimini, Italy

It is one of the world's tiniest countries.

sylvia, sylviaplath, plath, depression, literature, poet, poetry, english,

Sylvia Plath published her first poem when she was eight years old.

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Did you Know? The Professor Does Have a City Name

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Did you Know? Croft Manor area was built in a single weekend

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They used to go by another name.