human body facts, human facts, atoms facts, human, slugs, slugs dna

Did you Know? Humans and slugs have many characteristics.

human body facts, human facts, atoms facts, human, slugs, slugs dna

Humans and slugs have a lot more in common than you may assume at first appearance. Our DNA is 70 percent identical to slug DNA. All creatures, like plants, have a common ancestor a long time ago: the DNA of a person and a banana is 50 percent same. As a result, a human is half a banana or 40% cucumber. To some extent, all living organisms on Earth are related — this just means that our evolution took a different course at some point in time.

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Did you Know? Only Slowbro has the ability to do down in evolution.

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Did you Know? Disney Princesses speak less than their male counterparts.

beetroot, beet

The ancient treatment of beetroot is constantly being researched.

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Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring

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Bangkok is the Massage paradise of the World

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Did you Know? Introverts make the best writers

The Dussehra

The Dussehra celebration is known as Golu in Tamil Nadu.

fennel seed

Fennel seeds help to alleviate asthma and other respiratory problems.

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Do all PCOS patients have hirsutism?

Coca-Cola, Coca Cola, Coca Cola facts, Coca Cola fact, the great depression, coke facts, facts about

Coke had a promotion in which they filled their cans with disgusting concoctions.

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Did you know.... What was the first electric automobile in India?


Some flavors are available for a short period only.

santa claus

Santa and Mrs. Claus are Canadian citizens.

World Cup, football

Holy books, gay flags, and no beer

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Passports Around the World

taste buds

By altering brain cells, scientists can switch tastes on and off.

Persian rugs, hand-knotted, rugs, caliber

Persian carpets have a long history

Inuit folklore

Inuit folklore is enormously rich.

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Did you Know? Using Forks Used to Be Seen as Sacrilegious


An expression that describes a phobia of Halloween exists.

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One of the oldest canine breeds still in existence is the Indian pariah dog.

 earthen pots

The price of earthen pots is reasonable, and they are available everywhere.

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Interesting fact! Ryan Gosling's Guardian Was Justin Timberlake's Mother

Nectarine, Nectarine meaning

Did you Know? Nectarine means sweet like nectar.

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Raindrops are shaped more like hamburger buns