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Did you Know? The war rhinos in Black Panther were played by really big horses.

comics facts, facts about comics, facts about marvel, facts about dc, facts about superheroes, fun f

Many armoured rhinos are ridden by members of Wakanda's Border Tribe, including Daniel Kaluuya's W'Kabi, during the battle scene at the end of Black Panther. However, contrary to popular belief, these tough-skinned warriors aren't entirely computer-generated. According to Associate Visual Effects Supervisor Todd Sheridan Perry's comments to VFX Voice, some of the war rhinos were played by Clydesdale horses, similar to the ones from the famous holiday-themed beer commercial.

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The phrase "X-Files" refers to all of the conspiracy theory fodder that the FBI is secretly working on.

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Birmingham, Venice, Italy, United Kingdom, England

Cluedo originated in Birmingham.

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Blue is the favorite color of whole of the world.

Young plants

Young plants have upright stems, but as they get older, they gradually start to creep or trail.

Gengis Khan

What contributed to Gengis Khan's demise?

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According to poll after survey, parents are more inclined to educate their sons essential breadwinning skills such as credit building and investing their money.

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Cures urinary issues

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Did you Know about Cisco Systems and first true iPhone?

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Did you know.... Why are manga characters' eyes so big?

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Is monkeypox treatable?

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Australia is home to the largest species of reptiles.

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For their pet, one in every five people will purchase a costume.


Originally, it was spelled "Gundom."


Are fairyfly wasps dangerous?

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Pet Rats Sold Big After Ratatouille

Genghis Khan

Did you know that Genghis Khan loathed cats and feared dogs?

Spine, spinal cord

Your spinal cord has the ability to remember the pain.


Alaska has the most volcanoes of any state.

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Around 406 million people in the world speak Spanish.

Red hair

Red hair can develop in people of any ethnicity.

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The ball was a no -show on New Year's Eve 1942 and 1943

comics facts, facts about comics, facts about marvel, facts about dc, facts about superheroes, fun f

Did you Know? Doctor Strange was almost a horror movie