summer, summer season, summer carnival

First day of summer.

summer, summer season, summer carnival

The astronomical summer began on June 21 this year, making it the first day of summer. The cosmic schedule decides the seasons because of the 23.5 levels of slant of the World's hub, in its circle around the Sun. On June 1, the meteorological summer begins. Each meteorological season lasts for three months. They are in sync with the Gregorian calendar, making it simpler to compare monthly and seasonal statistics for observing and forecasting.

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Did you Know? Blind people experience more sensory dreams.


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Swiggy locks in key resources

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One of the most powerful natural resources

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Red hair is thicker than hair of other colours.

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Imprints are your best friend when it comes to finding books you like.

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Examine the lotion bottle's label.

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Swiggy runs an on-demand delivery service

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The first road suspension bridge in the world


The origin of all plants is algae.

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Shimla is the origin of numerous celebrities


One of Buddha's incisors is kept in a temple in Kandy.